Culture of Innovation begins with 7Epsilon Quality Control Meetings


A typical 7Epsilon quality control meeting is interactive (everyone contributes). It uses an evidence based approach to brainstorm and collectively develops a confirmation trial plan.

  • Prior to the meeting, each member receives a copy of the rejection rates, the available in-process data, any special process observations, information on defect description and penalty matrix reports.
  • Each member independently reviews all the information given and searches published literature for further insights into factor – response relationships in addition to minutes of previous relevant 7Epsilon quality control meetings and generate his/her version of a confirmation trial plan .
  • The chair of the meeting reviews all versions of confirmation trial plans and generates a compiled copy by including ALL suggestions from every member before the meeting begins.
  • A final confirmation trial plan is agreed within the 7Epsilon Quality Control Meeting.
  • The minutes of the meeting summarise discussions, reasons for decisions taken and make a note of the final confirmation trial plan.
  • The feedback and results from the confirmation trial are also appended to the minutes at a later date so that the newly gained product specific process knowledge can be reused .